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United Cold Storage Ogden

Our Ogden facility offers a large freezer, easy access and load & unload times in 2 hours or less.


We've outlined our cold chain logistics procedures here so you can feel confident that your product is being handled with the utmost care and consideration.

Freezer Storage Procedures

Cold Storage Handling

Handling is the most critical portion of any warehousing operation. This is where mistakes can be made or fixed. We use the following procedures to achieve greater than 99% inventory accuracy. 

In and out temperature documentation

In and out shipments triple verified

In and out product inspection

Production code tracking

Production date tracking

Expiration date tracking

Full inventory visibility

Lot and establishment number tracking

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Cold Storage

We take pride in a well maintained and efficient storage environment. We accomplish this by keeping strict standards with daily and weekly facility inspections. Below is a sampling of items we verify on a regular basis:

Daily sanitation audit of floors, racking and trash

Daily pest control audit

Daily equipment audit of handling and refrigeration equipment

Weekly exterior sanitation audit

Weekly exterior pest control audit

Weekly material handling audit

Freezer Storage & Temp Control

Temperature control is of utmost importance to ensure the safety of your product and the safety of your customers. We believe this should not be taken for granted and proved the data for you to feel comfortable using out warehousing services.

Twice daily physical temperature recording

Facility wide temperature logging

24 x 7 monitored real time temperature alarms

Standby back up generator

Freezer Storage

Ogden Cold Storage Address

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