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Our cold storage warehouse located in Loveland Colorado facility is conveniently placed right on US Highway 34, outside of Denver.


It offers a large freezer storage, dry storage space and a cooler room for temperature reduction. Easy access and 6 loading docks means trucks are in and out in less than 2 hours.


Cold Storage Warehousing
Within Two Hours Of

•Lakewood, CO

•Greeley, CO

•Fort Collins, CO

•Colorado Springs, CO

•Castle Rock, CO

•Broomfield, CO

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Cold Storage Handling

When it comes to cold storage warehousing, handling is of utmost importance. Our 3PL management system allows us to handle our cold storage and freezer storage inventory with over 99% order accuracy. While allowing full transparency to each customer. Including:

  • In and out temperature documentation

  • In and out shipments triple verified

  • In and out product inspection

  • Production code tracking

  • Production date tracking

  • Expiration date tracking

  • Full inventory visibility

  • Lot and establishment number tracking

Freezer Storage facility, Loveland

Types of Warehousing We Offer

Freezer Storage warehousing, Loveland

Freezer Storage

Dry Storage warehousing, Loveland

Dry Storage

Cold/ Refrigerated Storage warehousing, Loveland

Cold/ Refrigerated Storage

Cold Storage

Cold Storage

Our cold storage and freezer storage warehouses are consistently monitored for maximum cleanliness and effectiveness. We service our refrigerations units regularly by contracted professionals, as well as daily floor audits and inspections to ensure your product is stored in the best facility possible.

  • Daily sanitation audit of floors, racking and trash

  • Daily pest control audit

  • Daily equipment audit of handling and refrigeration equipment

  • Weekly exterior sanitation audit

  • Weekly exterior pest control audit

  • Weekly material handling audit

2 Hour
Load Time

Pallet Handling, Loveland

Over 99%

Semi Truck for order delivery, Loveland


Refrigerated & Freezer Temperature Control

The main difference between cold storage, frozen storage and dry storage warehousing is temperature control. We offer all three services in Loveland, CO. That means rigorous temperature monitoring in each area of our facility to keep goods at the right temp. Including:

  • Twice daily physical temperature recording

  • Facility wide temperature logging

  • 24 x 7 monitored real time temperature alarms

  • Standby back up generator

Freezer Unit and temperature control storage, Loveland

United Cold Storage solutions specializes in cold storage 3PL solutions. We provide same day load and unload services, and pride ourselves in quickly and effectively serving our cold storage customers. Whether you are looking for freezer storage warehousing, refrigerated storage, or dry storage warehousing. We are here to serve you. 

Our team has long experience in cold storage efficiency. We operate to the highest standard of procedures on the warehouse floor and in the office to make sure every order is successfully processed. With 99% order accuracy, we look forward to serving your cold storage warehousing needs. Located on US Highway 34, outside of Denver, CO. We serve the Loveland, Denver, Fort Collins and surrounding areas.

Call or email today to learn what United Cold Storage can do for you and your company.

Loveland Cold Storage Address

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