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Personalized Cold Storage Solutions

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At United Cold Storage, we know that finding third party logistics in cold storage that is also able meet custom needs can be difficult.


We’ve developed a customer-oriented operations system so that you can easily get the personalized service you need, when you need it. 


As a smaller warehouse located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we use size to our advantage. United Cold Storage offers 3 separately controlled freezers for different cold storage needs. Along with quick load times and inventory transparency.


3PL freezer with pallet racking that is storing pallets of frozen products

Instant Inventory

View your inventory information at any time through our web portal. Including expiration dates, batch & lot codes, product information and more.

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Forklift driver moving a loaded pallet on a dock.

Warehousing Services 

We guarantee a 2 hour turnaround on all scheduled loads and average under an hour. Our standard services include:

  • EDI

  • Labeling

  • Floor Unloading

  • Restacking

  • Case Pick

  • Catch Weight

  • Pallet Wrap

  • Room Freezing

Semi-trucks parked in a parking lot.


UCS offers regional transportation services through a partnership with our customers. We provide LTL, load consolidation, re-delivery and regional truck load service.

Our system has proven to keep costs low and provide a convenient solution to deliver smaller loads to outlying areas.

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United Cold Storage is a 3rd Party Logistics company that specializes in freezer storage, refrigerated storage and dry storage warehousing. We are strategically placed across the country to help businesses grow. Our efficient and flexible cold storage warehousing services allow us to receive same day deliveries. They also allow us to store odd sized pallets, and customize space in a way larger facilities are not able to handle. From non hazardous dry chemical storage, to baked goods and ice - United Cold Storage is capable of handling your product. Our temperature controlled facilities are monitored 24/7, with updates every 3 minutes on temperature. 

Our 3PL management software allows us to manage and track inventory with 99% order accuracy. This means more efficient refrigerated storage and cold storage services for you. It also means cost savings in running your business more effectively. 

Our team over 20 years in cold storage, freezer storage, refrigerated storage and dry storage experience. Our forklift operators work quickly and smoothly to ensure you are never waiting endlessly at our docks. 

We also offer cross docking services, restacking, pick and pack and much more. Most cold storage warehouses are not able to take or receive product day of, or even 30 minutes prior to delivery. That means when emergencies happen, they are not able to help. United Cold Storage is able to accommodate these types of situations. 

If you are looking for an efficient cold storage partner, we would love the opportunity to work with you and your company. We handle the logistics, so you can handle running your business. Call today to find out how United Cold Storage can serve you better.

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