Warehousing Services


United Cold Storage manages customer inventory in a real time environment providing many standard and customer services always striving to keep your product safe and well cared for using exacting standards. We guarantee a 2 hour turnaround on all scheduled loads and average under an hour. In addition we are available evening and weekends and are available by phone, email or text if there is ever an issue that needs to be addressed immediately.

Some of our standard services:



Floor Unloading


Case Pick

Catch Weight

Pallet Wrap

Room Freezing

Business and Technology

United Cold Storage utilizes modern systems to offer our customers the data their businesses need. In the dynamic environment of food safety regulations, we work to make compliance easy. Your inventory information is available at any time through our web portal. In this portal you can view:

Product information

Lot codes

Production dates and codes

Expiration dates

Batch codes

Lot and pallet quantities

Inbound / outbound information

Online ordering


United Cold Storage offers regional transportation services through a partnership with our customers. Our system has proven to keep costs low and provide a convenient solution to deliver smaller loads to outlying areas. We provide LTL, load consolidation, re-delivery and regional truck load service.